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After eight years of delivering over 90 mentoring programs in the MENA region and UK, we have an alumni of over 1800 entrepreneur and mentor. Through our programs, we’ve enabled our mentoring investors to achieve an average 890% Return on Mentoring Investment (ROMI) by helping them to sustain their businesses, create and safeguard jobs.

Our programs seek to encourage inclusivity and diversity, whether it’s gender, entrepreneurial growth stage, age groups, number of years in business and/or industries of focus. Through this, we enable the entrepreneurs and mentors to gain access to a broader range of skills, knowledge and experience to inspire and facilitate their growth.

We seek impact in 3 key areas:

  1. Personal Growth and Strengthening of Leadership
  2. Business Growth, Sustainability and Success
  3. Economic Growth, Job Creation and Safeguarding

We believe that it is through the entrepreneurs’ personal growth and empowerment, that they are better equipped to grow and develop sustainable businesses that provide economic opportunities and growth and ultimately generating vital job opportunities within their communities.

The 3-tiered impact that our programs achieve is evident and highlights that further investment in mentoring entrepreneurs would significantly benefit nations, in terms of unemployment, economic growth and leadership development.

Mowgli's 3 areas of desired impact are: 


1. Personal Growth & Strengthening of Leadership:

2. Business Growth, Sustainability & Success:

3. Economic growth, Job Creation and Safeguarding:

Mowgli Entrepreneurs 

  • 81% feel more confident in general
  • 76% developed confidence in their business decision making after working alongside a Mowgli Mentor
  • 72% addressed doubts  about the direction of their business
  • 68% were able to address and work on overcoming their fear of failure
  • 62% discovered and adopted a healthier work-life balance

Mowgli Mentors

  • 85% were better able to empathise and understand others 
  • 77% developed a deeper sense of self-awareness 
  • 63% felt that they have made changes in the society

Mowgli Entrepreneurs 

  • 89% of their businesses remained operational
  • 71% feel more confident to move their business onto the next growth stage
  • 51% increased their client list/secured more contracts 
  • 43% increased their turnover within the year 
  • 41% expanded their business’ product offering 

Mowgli Mentors

  • 79% developed leadership and coaching skills 
  • 78% developed active listening skills 
  • 70% used their mentoring skills in a professional setting with more junior colleagues 
  • 56% made direct changes in their working lives following the program ​​

Mowgli Entrepreneurs 

  • Mentoring investors in the MENA region achieved a staggering average of 890% Return on Mentoring Investment (ROMI)*
  • Mowgli Entrepreneurs each created an average of 3.3 new jobs
  • Mowgli Entrepreneurs safeguarded 90+% of their existing employees/jobs
  • Mowgli Entrepreneurs created and safeguarding a total of 3470+ jobs
  • Mowgli Entrepreneurs contributed $18.4m to the region’s economies through the creation and safeguarding of jobs 

*The ROMI analysis was based upon establishing the economic return being derived from the number of jobs created and safeguarded by Mowgli Entrepreneurs during their mentoring year, multiplied by the average pre-tax annual salaries within each country, against the project investment made, thereby providing the economic generation within each of the individual and regional economies. This analysis was carried out by Mowgli and verified by BDO LLP in the UK

Embedding Mentoring in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

  • 92% of Mowgli Entrepreneurs and 82% of Mowgli Mentors say they will recommend Mowgli to other entrepreneurs and professionals 
  • 76% of Mowgli Mentors say they will seek out further opportunities to mentor again 
  • 71% of Mowgli Entrepreneurs say they would like to 'pay it forward' and would consider mentoring others in their community 
  • 29% of the Mowgli Alumni is female; 32% are Mowgli Entrepreneurs and 27% are Mowgli Mentors 

*This data is based on the responses from Mowgli participants who have completed their mid and end of year feedback reviews since 2010.

This is an up to date snapshot of our impact from 2008 - 2015. 

For more information, please contact us at: info@mowgli.org.uk

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